Ehsan Kiasaty

Passionate Web Developer

About Me

Obsessed with Quality

Obsessed with writing clean, fast and efficient code that I can be proud of.

Problem Solving

Love to find the best possible solution to solve problems.

Open to Learning

Eager to learn new things.



Creating a fast, well organized and secure CMS to use my skills in PHP, and practice design patterns and software engineering guidelines.

Hot Offer!

a simple light Joomla component to show hot offers on an online store.

SMS Notification for RSTickets

a Joomla plugin to send SMS notification when a new ticket or reply is submitted.


Creating a library staff panel using Laravel to manage books and get reports in various formats. the goal is to do this in an efficient and extendable way and using SOLID principles.

TinyPNG Joomla Plugin

Automatically optimizing images on a Joomla website using TinyPNG APIs.

Email and SMS Notification for Virtuemart

Sending email and sms notification when a new order is submitted or a new product is added to the website.